Comparing Our Premium Curved Back Chiavari Chairs vs Standard Straight Back Chiavari Chairs

8th Feb 2019

Our range of Chiavari chairs are some of our most popular products and a staple item within the events industry, frequently seen as the go-to wedding chair!

We stock two variations of Chiavari chair - in both a standard straight back and also a premium curved back. The image above helps display the difference, with more information below

The common standard back chiavari chair is an industry classic design and remains a great option, which we sell lots of and keep high stock levels ready for quick despatch. However, we at Front Row Furniture have worked closely with our manufacturers to also produce a high quality curved back chiavari chair at an affordable price, which have proven hugely popular with our customers since their introduction just a few seasons ago!

The 6-spindle curved back on our premium chiavari chairs mean they are far more comfortable to sit on in comparison to the common standard back chiavari chair. We encourage customers to order samples to really feel the difference or to come view them at one of our warehouses! The benefits of the curved back go beyond comfort, as they also make the chair stronger and arguably look nicer too! Last, but not least, the clever bentwood construction method means the curved back chairs are much lighter at just 3.4kg!

All of our wooden Chiavari chairs use premium European Beechwood, from Germany. The base of our chiavari chairs have 4 support brackets adding extra strength, whereas most similar chairs on the market tend to have just 2. 

We stock our Wooden Chiavari Chairs in a range of colours including Limewash, Gold, Silver, Black & White. For our premium curved back chiavari chairs, we actually stock the chairs in two different shades of Limewash, called “natural Limewash” or a “White Limewash”. Images in the links below will illustrate the difference but basically “Natural limewash” shows more wood than white and “white limewash” shows more white than wood. 

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss our Chiavari Chairs in more detail and decide which type is the best option for you - we are always happy to help! 

Take a look at our most popular Chiavari chairs below!

Straight Back Chiavari Chairs

Curved Back Chiavari Chairs