The Top 5 Uses For Folding Chairs

8th Mar 2019

If you own a restaurant, hotel, bar, or another venue that caters for different kinds of events, it’s always handy to have additional seating available when you need it. One of the most affordable, flexible, and useful options for temporary seating is the folding chair.

A folding chair does not take up much space, is very lightweight, and is easy to store. You can stack dozens of folding chairs in a very small space and pull them out whenever a large event is being held. They can also be easily arranged to accommodate virtually any kind of seating formation.

This guide will showcase a few of the folding chairs we sell and explain the top 5 uses for folding chairs. Let’s get started!

Types of folding chairs

Most folding chairs have the same two-piece design. One piece consists of the backrest and the front legs, while the other is the seat and back legs. The two pieces are connected by a joint that swivels, allowing the chair to move between two positions. The most common types of folding chairs include:

Folding Plastic Chairs

Plastic folding seats are extremely lightweight, durable, and affordable. Because plastic can be moulded into virtually any shape, there are many different styles of plastic folding seats available. They tend to be cheaper than wooden or metal folding seats, but care should be taken to only buy high-quality folding plastic chairs. High-quality plastic chairs will use materials that are durable and will not degrade quickly when exposed to sunlight. Many folding plastic chairs will incorporate metal frames with plastic for the seat and backrest. Take a look at some of our Folding Plastic Chairs.

Folding Timber Chairs

Timber chairs are considered a step up from folding plastic chairs in terms of appearance — however they are usually more than twice the price of a plastic chair. Timber chairs are also available in a wide variety of styles and are made from many different timbers. European Beechwood is one of the most popular choices for folding timber chairs as it is attractive and not too heavy. Folding timber chairs are very durable and will last for many years if looked after, however they can be chipped or scratched if handle roughly. Check out our Folding Timber Chairs.

Folding resin chairs

Resin is a fantastic alternative to wood if you are after a more modern look. It is a very durable material that is 100% UV protected so it won’t degrade in the sun. The resin is the same colour all the way through, so scratches aren’t noticeable. Folding resin chairs are also quite lightweight and usually come with some padding attached for additional comfort. Take a look at our Resin Folding Padded Chair.

Metal folding chairs

If you are after extremely rugged furniture, you could purchase metal folding chairs. While they are seriously tough, they do have some downsides. Most metal chairs are less attractive than timber or resin chairs. They are also usually slightly heavier (although that is not always the case).

5 Uses For Folding Chairs

Here are 5 excellent uses for folding chairs:

Useful outdoor seating

The portability of folding chairs is one of their greatest assets. You can quickly set up folding chairs on a lawn or a pavilion for large groups of people to enjoy an outdoor environment. This makes folding chairs useful for events like wedding receptions, birthday parties, BBQs, and other celebrations.

Emergency seating for businesses

Restaurants, hotels, and events venues often have unexpected bookings. Having folding chairs and folding tables on hand makes it simple to accommodate additional people at a dinner, seminar or any other type of function.

Perfect for alfresco dining

If you have a venue that offers outdoor dining, folding chairs are a fantastic seating option. They allow you to easily change seating arrangements and quickly accommodate groups of different sizes. Timber or resin seats particularly good options for restaurants as they are very attractive and comfortable.

Excellent for busy venues

Folding chairs are very useful for venues that have multiple types of events in the same day. For example, if you had a church hall that was going to be used for a sermon in the morning but a social gathering later in the evening, you could quickly add or remove the appropriate number of foldable chairs for each event.

Useful for handling sporadic events like festivals

Have a stockpile of folding chairs is an easy way to handle sporadic events that your venue handles each year. This can include annual, biannual, quarterly or monthly events like meetings, festivals, and celebrations. Folding chairs are simple to set up and easy to store.

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