Linking Clips for Folding Plastic Chairs

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Are you looking to keep your folding plastic chairs in neat rows for an upcoming event? If so, then you needs these Linking Clips for Folding Plastic Chairs. These chair clips make it easy to arrange chairs in rows that are neat and evenly spaced. And, they help to keep the chairs in place, so that you don’t constantly have to rearrange your rows to keep them looking neat. These clips are already available at an affordable price, but you can save even more when you take advantage of our quantity discounts. We also offer competitive price matching and next-day shipping. Shop with our chair clips online today! 

  • Linking clips designed to connect our Folding Plastic Chairs
  • This listing is for a grey linking clip (other colours available)
  • Ideal for when setting chairs up in rows
  • Helps neatly present rows of folding chairs by keeping them linked and evenly space