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Which Seating Arrangement Will Work Best for Your Event?

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So you’ve already found the perfect venue for that upcoming event you’ve been planning for months. You will now also have an idea of which Banqueting Tables to choose for the event to seat your guests. You will have worked out whether to choose round or and chosen your table sizes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a formal business gala, a wedding or an engagement party. It really depends on what best suits your event.

Even the experienced event planner can face challenges trying to pick the best seating layout. The arrangement you choose can make or break your event. You need a well thought out seating style to inject the right mood and leave your guests or attendees feeling comfortable. A big part of this is having the right Banquet tables and Banqueting Chairs.

Assign an Area for Each Group/Guests

Planning is crucial when it comes to settling on a given seating arrangement. There are aspects you need to weigh up before you pick the final layout. If you are not sure take time to assess the pointers below.

  • The number of people expected to attend your event.
  • The general purpose of the event.
  • Venue specific restrictions in relation to the activities in hand.
  • The need for interaction among your guests.
  • Any special /ad hoc activities to consider.

Before you think of the seating arrangement, it helps to assess the floor plan of the said venue. You need to sketch it and assign different guest clusters into specific areas. If it’s a wedding, you may want to choose a different seating arrangement for the bride and groom’s family for example rectangular tables as opposed to round ones. You could save the area closest to the bride and groom for relatives and other guests can be seated further back. For formal events, you can set different areas for top level executives and the rest of the staff/attendees can be seated further back or in a separate area. .

There are distinct arrangements that you can use for different events.

Theatre Style

The theatre seating style is ideal for an audience that doesn’t require interaction . If you have an event with a huge number of attendees, this is the layout to pick. However, this doesn’t work so well, if you are serving food at the event.

U-Shape Seating

This involves setting out seats and tables to create a U-shape. It’s perfect if you have a few attendees and you want them to concentrate on a focal point. It’s perfect for discussion groups, director or committee meetings.

Classroom Style Seating

This involves seating facing one direction. It’s the conventional layout for classes or test/exam environments. If your guests have to take notes or use a computer, it’s the perfect setting.

Banquet Style

This is perfect for events such as weddings, or gala nights. It makes it easy for food to be served and the catering is always within reach. Where necessary, the guest can switch or turn their Banquet Chairs to listen to speeches or watch activity at the head/top table.


The cocktail setup fits the event where guests have to stand throughout. To make it easier, you can set lounge seats or Plastic Folding Chairs around the periphery. It’s advisable that you create different zones to accommodate different people and their tastes.

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