Why Use Tub Chairs for Your Reception?

6th Dec 2019

The reception of your hotel is one of the most important spaces; it’s the first thing that guests will see as they enter, and it is what passers-by will notice. The design of your reception will contribute heavily to the overall perception of your hotel so it’s important to create an area which encapsulates your essence.

The chairs you choose are a large part of this, and it can be difficult to balance comfort and aesthetics with practicality and cost. Tub chairs however are the ideal solution, providing the best of all worlds. If you’re considering tub chairs for your hotel reception here are a few reasons why they work so well.

Smart Use of Space

Hotel receptions vary in sizes; yours may be compact and intimate or large and spacious. Some chairs suit one or the other, but tub chairs work very well in both.

This is because they don’t have a tall back and so they won’t crowd the space. If your hotel reception is a small area, chairs with high backs can make it look cluttered to the eye. By contrast, the low backs and discrete styling allows them to be used as you want while still leaving the eye-line clear.

By contrast, larger spaces benefit from tub chairs too as they accentuate the room without being too small and looking lost.

The fact that tub chairs work so well in either type of space means that if you decide to enlarge your reception area, you can still keep the same seating.

Versatile for Small And Large Groups

There may be times when your guests are waiting by themselves or other occasions when they’re sitting in small groups. Tub chairs are the ultimate type of social seating as they’re versatile enough to work well for both.

Tub chairs can easily be moved together and when grouped, make up a little zone. This creates an area which is semi-separate from the main reception and perfect for conversation.

However, the curved lines and enclosed design of the tub chair also provide comfort and privacy for guests who want to sit alone, whether it’s reading quietly or just relaxing while waiting.

Provide Lots of Comfortable Seating

Your hotel reception should be comfortable enough for guests who want to wait around, without offering a place to sleep. Having people lying around in your reception area could create a bad impression and encourage others to come from outside to take a nap in your hotel!

A tub chair is the perfect compromise, offering deep and cushioned seating so your guests will feel comfortable no matter how long they spend in your reception. However, the low back and single seats will discourage anyone from stretching out for a sleep!

The Stylish and Practical Seating Solution

Tub chairs are a great addition to any hotel reception area and are available in a range of colours and textiles. We can help with high-quality tub chairs so if you want to know more, just get in touch today!