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Shield Back Vs Round Back Banqueting Chairs

19th Jun 2020

When you’re setting up a conference or wedding venue, one of the key elements that you’ll need to consider is the type of seating that you’re going to choose. What kind of chairs should you be provi … read more

Why People Appreciate a Padded Chair

17th Jan 2020

The type of chairs you choose for your event can really make or break the experience for your guests. If you lay out chairs that are hard, rigid and therefore very uncomfortable, the guests are les … read more

How to Make your Folding Chairs Last

6th Jan 2020

Have you selected folding chairs for use in your venue? It’s certainly easy to see why. Folding chairs offer a host of benefits that other chairs simply can’t offer. Available in a wide range of ma … read more

The History of Chiavari Chairs

20th Dec 2019

Most people who have attended a catered event or wedding will have sat on a Chiavari chair without realising it. Most of those people will also have no idea how to spell the word Chiavari, let alon … read more

Why Use Tub Chairs for Your Reception?

6th Dec 2019

The reception of your hotel is one of the most important spaces; it’s the first thing that guests will see as they enter, and it is what passers-by will notice. The design of your reception will con … read more