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Wooden vs Plastic Furniture - Pros and Cons

29th Nov 2019

There is a huge choice of furniture available today with different sizes, colours and styles available. However, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is over what the furniture is made f … read more

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Banqueting Chairs

22nd Nov 2019

When you’re organising a wedding there’s lots to think about, including the comfort of your guests. It’s important to get the seating right so your setting doesn’t just look beautiful, but your gue … read more

The Benefits of Round Tables for your Event

15th Nov 2019

Over the years, rectangular tables have proven to be very popular, maximising the use of space and offering aesthetic appeal. However, there’s another kid on the block who’s staking a claim for top … read more

5 Tips for Planning Your Next Seasonal Event

1st Nov 2019

Seasonal events are vital times of the year for any event planning company or venue; however, they can raise all kinds of issues. Planning a seasonal event involves putting a lot of thought and effo … read more