Wooden vs Plastic Furniture - Pros and Cons

29th Nov 2019

There is a huge choice of furniture available today with different sizes, colours and styles available. However, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is over what the furniture is made from.

Wooden furniture is more traditional but plastic furniture offers many benefits too. Both wooden and plastic furniture can be practical, economical and attractive, but how do they measure up in a head-to-head?


When you buy a piece of furniture it needs to be strong enough for the intended purposes and tough enough to last. No-one wants to splash out only for the chair, table or other piece of furniture to fall to pieces within a few weeks!

The right resins and plastics can be manufactured to bear lots of weight and to be durable too. When you choose the right design, there’s no reason why plastic furniture won’t last.

However, plastic furniture simply can’t compete with wooden furniture when it comes to longevity. Hardly surprising when you consider how long trees can live for! There are many, many examples of wooden furniture which are several centuries old, and yet remain in immaculate condition. When protected from woodworm there’s no reason why wooden furniture won’t last almost indefinitely!


When you consider how long wooden furniture lasts, it’s perhaps understandable that it’s more expensive than plastic items. However, as an investment that will last a lifetime, in the long run wooden furniture works out to be a very economical choice.

If you’re looking for furniture with a lower initial cost, plastic furniture is perfect. It may not last for centuries like wooden furniture but it’s still very durable, and if you’re not planning on keeping it for the next generation of the family it’s an excellent pick.


Both plastic and wooden furniture is easy to look after, so these both score a big thumbs-up. A quick wipe-over will keep plastic and wooden furniture clean and there’s no special requirements needed for either.

However, plastic does have the slight advantage here because to keep wood looking its gorgeous, glossy best you will need to polish it properly and you may even need to apply a wax occasionally over the years to keep it fully protected.


The answer to this isn’t straightforward and much depends on the source of the materials. Much has been written about the use of plastics in recent media coverage but the criticism really only applies to single use plastics.

Plastic furniture lasts for many years so doesn’t have the same negative environmental impact, so it’s a purchase you can make with a clear conscience. Using wood does mean cutting down trees, but using timber from a sustainable source means there’s also no environmental concerns.

The Result?

We think it’s too close to call between wooden and plastic furniture as each has its own individual merits. Whether you want the lightweight, practical convenience of plastic furniture or the long-lasting beauty of natural wood, both types of furniture make an excellent choice. If you want to see more of what’s available, check out our online store now!